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Providing effective IT solutions for the complexities of public health.

EtairUS combines its Public Health expertise with its information technology systems engineering skills to provide a suite of services that leverage the potentials of technology to manage health information and large scale data sets. Our Health Information Technology services include:

Hospital Information Systems Management

We employ systems engineering and public health knowledge to enhance existing HIS or work to build systems that meet the data and health records management needs of our partners.

Data Collection & Analysis

We use effective qualitative data management strategies and the latest software to make health data collection easy and transparent. Using analysis software and our team’s expertise, we are able to analyze data and provide engaging research reports that help identify public health trends.

Systems Analysis and Evaluation

With a goal of ensuring the most effective systems solutions for our partners, we are dedicated to the close monitoring and evaluation of all existing and newly implemented systems. We involve our partners in understanding system effectiveness and suggest improvements when necessary.