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Taking the worry out of transportation, travel planning and supply logistics so our partners’ focus is wholly on the purpose of international missions.

EtairUS is the complete logistics solution for the US Federal Government and its Contractors. By collaborating with qualified and professionally vetted in-country partners, we take the often complicated processes of travel planning for international missions out of the hands of our partners in order to provide comfortable, safe and secure logistical support. Specific logistics services include:


EtairUS owns and operates a fleet of trucks to support clients all around the United States. We cover the Southeast of the CONUS specifically but we also cover other regions when needed. EtairUS uses state of the art software and applications to manage, track and maintain its fleet. 

Travel Logistics

EtairUS uses its established travel networks to provide our partners with a complete suite of travel-related services to ensure the comfort and safety of members of the US Federal Government and their Contractors during international missions. From flight bookings, to securing accommodation and local transportation, we do the work of travel so that our partners can focus on the purpose of their in-country work.

Equipment Transportation

EtairUS will proactively work with partners to ensure that equipment is transported efficiently and safely to ensure the success of international missions. We work to identify requirements in terms of quantity, size, origin, destination, shipping schedules, consignment and protection. We work with our carefully selected and vetted in-country collaborators to execute the proper and efficient delivery of the equipment needs of specific project.

Supply Chain Management

Whether it be within the US or within disaffected countries that have been affected by war, decades of neglect or adverse climate events, we ensure the success of international mission by planning and providing the supplies needed to carry out work. We work with our clients for inventory management, determining supply needs based on usage, selecting vendors and service providers, and ensuring a seamless delivery of supplies in difficult environments.

Technology Coordination

In the United States, access to technology is often taken for granted, yet not all areas of the continental US as well as many countries around the world enjoy the benefits of secure and reliable connectivity. EtairUS has the knowledge and resources available to ensure connection and communications in poorly serviced areas. Our expertise and processes give partners peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring adequate and sufficient power sources
  • Strong connectivity via wireless and/or satellite connections to ensure reliable communication to key partners and providers
  • The protection and maintenance of equipment
  • On-site technical support aimed to quickly resolve technical and connectivity issues