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Maximizing efficiency and performance that build upon existing strengths while accessing new solutions.

With an focus on maximizing efficiency and performance in all organizational functions, EtairUS professionals help the US Federal Government and their Contractors recognize and improve upon existing strengths while using innovative strategies to develop plans to increase overall organizational effectiveness. Services that focus on creating impact include:

Project Management

Dedicating a focus on seeing projects successfully move from strategy to impact evaluation, EtairUS applies expertise in managing complex projects across sectors. Specific expertise includes strategic planning, organizational development, stakeholder management and program evaluation.

Program Management

With a diverse knowledge base acquired from consultation roles across sectors and specifically with the Federal Government, EtairUS is dedicated to creating, managing and evaluating effective programs for a variety of stakeholders.

Portfolio Management

Etair US combines project and stakeholder management skills in order to effectively manage the projects that make up our partners’ portfolios. Using innovative portfolio management technology and tools, our partners will be able to easily access information across their portfolios and their stakeholders will benefit from the effective organization and management of their business with our partners. 

Business Process Improvement

Dedicated to helping organizations identify opportunities to increase productivity, EtairUS provides partners sound strategic planning and best practices in communications and change management processes for complex shifts in organizational processes.

Organizational Supports

Dedicated to helping to build effective project teams, EtairUS employs Human Resources and workforce development skills to help interventions achieve their maximum impact. EtairUS is a partner and a support in the face of complex challenges and is also able to provide operational support and program evaluation to help reach outcomes.