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EtairUS International, LLC

EtairUS International LLC is a reliable and trusted partner to the US Federal Government and their contractors at home and abroad. As a small business built on the combined education and expertise of its founding members, EtairUS is able to provide its partners with focused service aimed at attaining the best outcomes for all their stakeholders.



To accompany the US Federal Government and its affiliates in their quest for better good around the world; through provision of local professional resources and logistics.



To be recognized as a reliable and trusted partner with the capacity and knowledge to support the US Federal Government’s mission at home and abroad. By providing professional services, resources and logistics at the local levels, EtairUS International LLC is an important partner in reducing health disparities, improving population health, and supporting the US Government through large-scale health related events, while promoting peace and wellbeing in the US and abroad.



As a knowledgeable and experienced firm, EtairUS International LLC partners with the US Federal Government for contracts and consultations for the provision of in-country local professional services in  Information Technology, Public Health, Management Consulting, Health IT, and Logistics.